About Us

Two sisters Raji and Ramniq from Gurugram started out in 2012 to create a label that truly understands the ever-changing pulse of the fashion-seeker. The ethnic collection celebrates our rich culture and traditions, is hand-crafted and exudes a timeless feel. Contemporary vibrance is blended with history to bring forth fabric that is expressive yet subtle – thus began RajiRamniq. And then there is an intimate vibe that the sisters have effortlessly brought out with their collection.

The collection is future-ready with the technical knowhow of Raji, who hails from NIFT while Ramniq, an NIFD alumnus, has an eye for fine design. RajiRamniq lays a singular focus on building a wardrobe that is comfortable with colors of all shades built with something in it for everybody.

The brand is redefining the fabric of Indian craftsmanship. The innumerable forms of embroidery give the RajiRamniq team a creative high. Traditional Hand-crafted embroidery techniques like zardozi, rashmi, dabkaa work etc. are evident in the collection, comfortably balancing the classic and the contemporary!

True fashion is also about staying flexible and riding the innovation curve. RajiRamniq understands the rich Indian history wonderfully with its fabrics while also keeping an eye on the future. The team is constantly working on reusing designs to create fabric that shows the way. They go one step further and take pride in offering their trusted services to customize garments as per style goals, occasions and seasons. The creation is premium, exclusive, and seamlessly incorporates the best of both worlds with silhouettes that make heads turn.

Bring home a RajiRamniq and create your own stylized wardrobe that is timeless and truly fashionable!



RajiRamniq was the brainchild of a belief that just like love, design is also a form of expression. Through immense hard work, dedication and affection for our customers, we strive towards achieving purity through or designs, fabrics and ethical business practices.

We strongly lay our faith in the versatility of our desi Indian handloom and cotton variants and we attempt at doing our bit to promote fair trade by working in close contacts with the weavers and artisans across India for preserving the rich craft and heritage of India.

The cornerstones of RajiRamniq’s business are the highly skilled weavers who, with their immense talent, breathe life into all our products. This business journey wouldn’t have been anything without the hard work and effort of these amazing artisans of our country.

We live by a design philosophy which orbits around the concept of minimalism and this can be seen in our relaxed silhouettes, clean cuts, earthy tones, pure fabrics and the warm simplistic Indian motifs on print. Each garment is handcrafted from scratch and is the daughter of countless days of effort that a group of tailors, craftsmen, dyers and weaver put in for a single finished product.