Ethnic Menswear Trends: The transformation of sherwanis, kurta-pajamas, and dhotis.


Men’s ethnic fashion has witnessed a transformative journey, blending traditional elegance with contemporary flair. This blog explores the evolution of key elements in ethnic menswear – sherwanis, kurta-pajamas, and dhotis – tracing their regal resurgence and the modern adaptations that have redefined the landscape of traditional Indian attire for men.

1. Sherwanis: A Symphony of Heritage and Modernity:

  • Traditional Grandeur: Sherwanis have long been synonymous with regal charm and ceremonial occasions. Traditional sherwanis were characterized by opulent fabrics, intricate embroidery, and a structured silhouette. Earthy tones and rich jewel hues dominated the color palette, reflecting timeless sophistication.
  • Contemporary Reinvention: Modern sherwanis have undergone a renaissance, embracing contemporary cuts, patterns, and fabrics. Designers now experiment with asymmetrical hems, fusion collars, and innovative embellishments, offering grooms and wedding attendees a diverse range of options. Sherwanis in pastel shades, unconventional fabrics, and minimalistic designs have gained popularity, striking a balance between tradition and modern aesthetics.

2. Kurta-Pajamas: Casual Comfort Meets Style:

  • Classic Simplicity: The kurta-pajama combination has been a traditional staple in men’s ethnic wear, celebrated for its simplicity and comfort. Classic kurta-pajamas were characterized by straight cuts, minimalistic embroidery, and a preference for neutral or earthy tones.
  • Modern Elegance: Today, the kurta-pajama has evolved to suit a myriad of occasions. Contemporary kurtas may feature asymmetric cuts, unique collar styles, and statement-making embroidery. The color palette has expanded to include vibrant hues, and experimentation with fabrics like linen and silk has introduced a refreshing dynamism to this timeless ensemble.

3. Dhotis: Draping Traditions with a Modern Twist:

  • Cultural Significance: Dhotis, symbolic of traditional Indian attire, have been an integral part of ceremonial dressing. Typically draped in a simple, elegant manner, dhotis were associated with religious rituals, weddings, and festive occasions.
  • Innovative Draping Styles: The resurgence of dhotis in men’s fashion has seen the introduction of innovative draping styles. Dhoti pants, a contemporary variation, offer a more convenient and modern alternative to the traditional dhoti. Paired with kurtas or short sherwanis, dhoti pants have become a fashion-forward choice, merging tradition with comfort and style.

4. Fusion Trends: The Intersection of East and West:

  • Sherwani Suits: The fusion of the sherwani and Western suits has given rise to the trend of sherwani suits. Blending the structured silhouette of a suit with the intricate detailing of a sherwani, this contemporary ensemble strikes a harmonious balance between traditional and modern aesthetics.
  • Jodhpuri Blazers: Drawing inspiration from royal attire, Jodhpuri blazers offer a modern take on traditional menswear. These blazers, often paired with fitted trousers or churidar pants, showcase royal influences through distinctive collars and rich fabrics.

5. Experimental Colors and Fabrics:

  • Vibrant Color Palette: Traditional earthy tones still hold their charm, but contemporary menswear has embraced a vibrant color palette. Pastels, jewel tones, and even bold, unconventional colors are now popular choices, allowing men to express their individual style.
  • Innovative Fabrics: Traditional fabrics like silk and brocade remain timeless, but the modern era has introduced innovative fabric choices. Linen, cotton, and blends offer comfort and breathability, making ethnic menswear more adaptable to diverse occasions and climates.


As you explore our curated collection inspired by the transformative trends in ethnic menswear, remember that traditional attire for men is not just a reflection of cultural heritage but a canvas for personal expression. Embrace the evolving landscape of sherwanis, kurta-pajamas, and dhotis, where the richness of tradition seamlessly intertwines with the freshness of contemporary design. Let your wardrobe become a testament to the regal resurgence of ethnic menswear, where every outfit tells a story of heritage, modernity, and the timeless pursuit of sartorial excellence.

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